Integrated Assessments and Reporting

Integrated, embedded assessments track ongoing progress.


The Reach program contains fully-automated and fully-integrated assessments that were co-developed with MetaMetrics, one of the nation’s foremost assessment companies and the creator of the Lexile Framework. These assessments are arm’s length, third-party assessments that provide objective measures of student progress.

Students take an initial assessment when they first log on to the program and are automatically placed at the appropriate level. Teachers also have the option to by-pass the assessment and manually place the student. Additional periodic assessments are also embedded to track progress at different intervals throughout the year.

Altis Reach also rewards students for their persistence. Providing positive feedback early on for perseverance helps increase students’ confidence, self-esteem and commitment.

Reach also generates detailed reports for teachers, specialists, administrators and other education professionals. Virtually every click of the student’s mouse is tracked along with student time and activity levels. Reports measure assessment scores, utilization, skills and unit performance, and progress attained by skill area, unit and reading level.

The program
 continually monitors student progress and will 
notify the student’s instructor(s) if a student appears to be stuck on a particular