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    If you would like more information about the Reach program, please contact us at 844.469.9020 or email us at info@altisreach.com.

    Purchase orders should be sent to Altis Avante Corp., P.O. Box 1256, Deerfield, IL, 60015, or to sales@altisreach.com

  • FAQs

    What types of students will benefit from Reach?

    • Older reluctant and struggling readers
    • English language learners
    • Students with language-based learning deficits

    What grade level is most appropriate for Reach?

    Reach is engaging for students in grades 4-10. The content covers the 1st grade to 6th grade spectrum, making it ideal for students two or more years behind grade level.

    What content areas are targeted in Reach?

    Reach delivers deep and extensive instruction in phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.


    • Phonics
    • Word attack
    • Structural analysis
    • Spelling
    • High frequency words


    • Vocabulary words
    • Morphology
    • Tier II and Tier III words
    • Homophones
    • Multiple meaning words
    • Idioms


    • Asking good questions
    • Inferencing
    • Prediction
    • Summarizing
    • Main idea
    • Supporting details
    • Logic & reasoning
    • Description
    • Sequence
    • Cause & effect
    • Compare/contrast


    • Rate
    • Accuracy
    • Prosody
    • High frequency phrases

    What hardware or software is required?

    Reach is a web-based program. All that is required to use the program is a PC or Mac computer with Internet access.

    Is Reach easy to use?

    The interface is engaging, intuitive and easy to use for both educators and students.

    Does Reach offer training or professional development?

    Yes. Our team of literacy specialists offers customized professional development to help educators and administrators maximize the effectiveness of Reach with their students.