Why Reach?

Students who have fallen behind need specialized, age-appropriate instruction.

Most remedial reading programs are geared toward younger elementary school students. Struggling older students have their own cognitive gaps, learning styles and emotional needs. Reach was created by leading literacy experts to specifically address the complex needs of older struggling readers. The program incorporates the following strategies and tools to pinpoint each student’s needs and deliver the most impactful content at just the right time and pace.

Altis Reach delivers real instruction — not just drills — that is tailored to each student based on their skill level.

Culturally relevant multi-media content is designed to engage struggling readers so students learn what they can actually use in their day-to-day life.

Popular online gaming strategies, rewards and incentives are used to increase student interest and motivation.

Intelligent, adaptive learning technologies continually adjust instruction and content based on student response and mastery to ensure efficient and impactful learning.

Integrated assessment and reporting tools allow educators to easily track and evaluate ongoing student progress throughout the year.